A Life Sciences educational grants solution for Healthcare Professionals

MedGrantTM is a one-stop solution for eligible sponsorships for Life Sciences companies – enabling them to sponsor healthcare professionals to attend educational events while upholding the core values of fairness, independence and transparency.

Why pledge with MedGrantTM ?


Unbiased grant selection process enabling relief from perceived conflicts of interest

While sponsors can specify criteria for matching grants to healthcare professionals, the selection process is perfomed by MedGrantTM. This enables all relevant parties to uphold the values of independence and fairness.


Reduced administration resulting from support with claims submission, disbursement and travel agency assistance

Partnership with our trusted travel partner ensure seamless travel arrangements for the healthcare professionals who are grant recipients. Invoicing reconciliation for each event will also by managed by MedGrantTM.


Enhanced transparency and controls in funds disbursement for educational events

Transparent, seamless end-to-end tracking and reporting for each event, including summary information on the grant awarded to healthcare professionals as well as feedback received about the events.


One-stop for eligible Life Sciences educational events sponsorships

Sponsors will be able to pledge grants that will be open to a broad pool of vetted healthcare professionals to attend a wide range of carefully curated, vetted Life Sciences educational events .

Contact us

If you would like to become a sponsor on MedGrantTM to pledge grants to support healthcare professionals, please email us at support@medgrant.org.

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