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How MedGrantTM works

  • For healthcare professionals
  • For Life Sciences companies

List of vetted educational events for healthcare professionals will be available on MedGrantTM

a) Event organisers and sponsors can recommend listing educational events for healthcare professionals on MedGrantTM
b) All events are reviewed and vetted prior to listing them on MedGrantTM
*Some events may be eligible for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits*


Sponsors select educational events to pledge grants

a) Sponsors can pledge grants to support healthcare professionals in attending vetted educational events
b) Grants may include registration, flights and/or accommodation, depending on the event’s location and pledges submitted by sponsors


Healthcare professionals can apply for grants to attend educational events

a) Healthcare professionals need to register with MedGrantTM before they apply for grants (There is no fee for healthcare professionals to join or use MedGrantTM)
b) Healthcare professionals can apply for grants to attend educational events through MedGrantTM
c) Applicants are offered grants based on their eligibility requirements


MedGrantTM communicates grant decisions to healthcare professionals

a) Healthcare professionals receive grant decision notifications
b) Healthcare professionals accept or decline grants awarded
c) Healthcare professionals coordinate logistics through the designated travel partners

Are you an organiser for educational events in Healthcare?

Submit your educational event for consideration for MedGrantTM. Once the event is vetted, Life Sciences companies can consider pledging grants for healthcare professionals