About MedGrantTM

A Life Sciences educational grants solution for Healthcare Professionals

Why MedGrantTM?

MedGrantTM is a solution that enables Life Sciences companies to support the continuing education of healthcare professionals through educational grants while upholding the core values of independence and fairness


A one-stop site for Life Sciences companies to offer grants; and healthcare professionals to apply for grants to attend local, regional, and global educational events


Promotes transparency among different stakeholders through an independent matching of educational grants with eligible healthcare professionals


Simplified management of logistics related to Life Sciences educational events


Enables training for credits towards mandatory continuing medical education (CME)

For healthcare professionals

Apply for grants on MedGrantTM to attend educational events and achieve Continuing Medical Education credits (if applicable). The independent matching of grants to recipients enables fairness, and avoids perceived conflicts of interest. Grants are accessible to all healthcare professionals, based on their eligibility requirements. Logistics to attend events will be coordinated through designated travel partners.

For Life Sciences companies

Pledge grants on MedGrantTM to enable a wide range of eligible healthcare professionals to attend educational events. While you will be able to specify criteria for selection, the independent matching of grants to recipients ensures compliance and avoids perceived conflicts of interest. Sponsors will be recognised on MedGrantTM for their support of healthcare professional development.

Are you an organiser for educational events in Life Sciences?

Submit your educational event for consideration to MedGrantTM. Once the event is approved, Life Sciences companies can consider it for grants for healthcare professionals.

Collaboration between APACMed and Deloitte

APACMed and Deloitte are collaborating to make MedGrantTM available to Life Sciences companies and healthcare professionals. MedGrantTM enables Life Sciences companies to pledge grants for healthcare professionals to participate in educational events.

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